We are on holiday, finally!  And it is hot, hot, HOT!  We've spent long, lazy days by the pool . . . actually mostly in the pool trying to keep cool as the thermometer dances its way up to the high 30s each day.  It doesn't get much cooler at night either - the thermometer in the living area said 32 degrees just after I put OB to bed!  There are fans blasting away everywhere.

Thankfully, as long as OB has the pool to play in and his hat on, the heat doesn't seem to bother him too much.  He's his usual lively self, running around constantly, in and out of the water, riding his push-along motorbike at some significant speed, and generally amusing us all with his antics. 

Of course, there is the flake-out every afternoon  . . .

So glad that, for us, holidays mean visiting OB's beloved grandparents, so we are spared some of the difficulties that adopted children can face when travelling away from the familiar.  For us, it's just swapping one set of familiar faces and places with another.

Happy days!


  1. Hope you have a lovely time away! Enjoy!

  2. Sounds lovley, enjoy! (love his little tan arms too!)

  3. Sounds lovely, hope you've enjoyed it x


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